From Marble to Chocolate: the Conservation of Modern Sculpture

Jackie Heuman

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ISBN: 1873132859
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 172
Illustrations: Numerous half-tone, 54 colour

This book addresses the interaction of principle and practice, of materials, techniques and ideas, which characterise contemporary conservation as a whole.



Jackie Heuman

The Tinted Venus and Beyond: Painted Stone Sculpture from 1850-1930

Judith Collins

Case Study of a Nineteenth Century Bronze Sculpture with a Decorative Resin Inlay

Phillipa Laurenson

The Hierarchy of the Sculptor's Workshop: The Practice of Emile-Antoine Bourdelle (1861-1929)

Penelope Curtis

Degas'Women in Washington: Four Case Studies
Daphne Barbour, Shelley Sturman

Condition and Conservation of Nineteenth Century Outdoor Zinc Sculptures
Peter Mottner, Jbrg Freitag, Heidrun Brockner

From Art to Industry: Developments in English Bronze Casting during the Nineteenth Century

Stan Whatmore

Eros: The Laser Cleaning of an Aluminium Sculpture
John Larson

The Use of Paper Pulp Based Fill Material for Compensation of Losses to Sculpture

Jerry Podany, Maya Elston, Lisbet Thoresen, Susan Lansing Maish

Nigerian Cement Sculptures

Diana O'Sullivan, Keith Nicklin

Colour Monitoring on Outdoor Bronze Statues in Ottawa, Canada
Nancy E. Binnie.

A New Surface Imaging Technique in Conservation
Sheila Fairbrass, Daryl R. Williams

The Cellulose Nitrate Time Bomb: Using Sulphonephthalein Indicators to Evaluate Storage Strategies
,Julia Fenn

Degradation Studies of Cellulose Nitrate Plastics

Robbie Stewart, David Littlejohn, Richard Pethrick, Norman Tennent, Anita Ouye

Standing Out Like a Sore Thumb: A Damaged Sculpture Made of Three
Synthetic Polymers

Don Sale

Conservation of Modern Sculpture at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Kees Herman Aben

An Investigation into a Transferred Paint/Cast Resin Sculpture
Jean Dubuffet

Ellen Pratt, Patricia Houlihan, Eugena Ordonez

Lynda A. Zycherman.

Quiet Collaboration: The Special Relationship Between Artists
and Their Fabricators

Donna Williams, Rosa Lowinger.

Barbara Hepworth: Conserving a Lifetime's Work

Derek Pullen, Sandra Deighton.

Gilding the Lily: The Patination of Henry Moore's Bronze Scupture

Julie Summers

An Opera for Milly Mudd: Artist Helen Chadwick in Conversation with
Judith Collins

Helen Chadwick, Judith Collins

Sweetness and Blight: Conservation of Chocolate Works of Art

Glenn Wharton, Sharon D. Blank, J. Claire Dean

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Published 1995