Ethnographic Beadwork

Margot M. Wright

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ISBN: 1873132875
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160
Illustrations: 64 half-tone, 10 line

Ethnographic Beadwork, edited by Margot Wright of the Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen, assembles thirteen papers on significant and fascinating aspects of the technology and conservation of beadwork, describing artefacts originating in Europe, Africa, India, South East Asia and North America. Also highlighted are the diversity of materials from stone, glass and clay to modern materials, such as plastics, from which beads are made.

The preservation, care and storage of beadwork presents considerable and specific concerns to the conservator and many are described and discussed in detail here, from the effects of decaying beads in contact with or in close proximity to other materials, whether part of the same artefact or not, to methods of storage and display in Europe and North America, and their consequences, to the conservation of beads associated with textiles and stone beads. The articles include papers and posters presented at the Conservators of Ethnographic Artefacts Seminar held at the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside, Liverpool, July 1999, and in addition cover such subjects as the technology of bead-making in present-day India and excavated beadwork from Thailand and Egypt.

Impeccably researched and edited and beautifully illustrated, Ethnographic Beadwork will be an invaluable addition to the specialist's reference library.

'...the topics are wide-ranging with something to interest most people who have to look after beads whether loose or attached to an object. The book is well worth its price to those who have beads or beaded objects in their care...'

The Bead Study Trust Newsletter 38, Winter 2001:21

' a welcome addition to the field of ethnographic conservation and provides the first published attempt to cohesively identify and share information on the knowns and unknowns of this unexplored field'
JAIC 42 (2003):479-481




1. Traditional glass bead- making in India

Torben Sode and Jan Kock

2. Differential decay of buried Iron Age Thai glass in a uniform environment

Ian C. Glover

3. Material characterisation of glass disease on beaded ethnographic artefacts from the collection of the National Museum of the American Indian

Scott Carroll and Kelly McHugh

4. Mother-of-pearl and Byne's disease

Judith Dore

5. Plastic beads and buttons in social history collections: a dilemma

Julia Fenn

6. The conservation of a 26th dynasty Egyptian faience net

Jenny Potter

7. Examination and conservation of a beaded throne from Cameroon

Tracey Seddon and Siobhan Watts

8. Potential hazards in caring for ethnographic beadwork

Margret Carey

9. Whodunnit? Imitation jewellery made from early plastics

Margrit Reuss

10. Cleaning historic beadwork

Sherry Doyal

11. Upgrading the storage of the African beadwork collection at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

Morwena Stephens and Karla Graham with an introduction by Sherry Doyal

12. Deterioration of glass beads on an Edwardian evening bodice

Annie Lord

13. An introduction to stone beads

Moyra Keatings

Published 2001