Studying 18th-Century Paintings and Works of Art on Paper

Helen Evans, Kimberley Muir (eds)

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ISBN: 9781909492233
Binding: Paperback

CATS Proceedings, II, 2014

This is the second CATS Conference Proceedings with papers from the international conference: Technology & Practice: Studying 18th Century Paintings & Art on Paper. The conference was organised by CATS in collaboration with Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science in Helsinki, Finland; Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden, and University of Oslo, Norway. The conference focused on artists’ techniques and materials, source research, conservation science, the history of science and technology, trade and pharmacy during the 18th century. Speakers explored tradition and changes in artistic practices in the light of the establishment of a series of national Art Academies in Europe throughout the century. Papers include topics such as workshop practice and materials, art historical and technical approaches to documentary evidence and technical examination and the analysis of paintings and drawings. Also issues of trade, supply and questions concerning the demand for materials for diverse artistic expressions are analysed and discussed.

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"The 15 essays collected in the book provide the reader with a comprehensive view of eighteenth-century art which is both enjoyable and enlightening...a wealth of groundbreaking technical information for conservators, scientists and art historians...this is a superbly edited Archetype Publication which broadly explores tradition and innovation in the age of enlightenment within the context of emerging academic art practices."
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