Art of Merit: Studies in Buddhist Art and its Conservation

David Park, Kuenga Wangmo, Sharon Cather (eds)

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ISBN: 9781904982920
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 297 x 210
Pages: 416
Illustrations: 196 Colour

Buddhist art - its nature, creation, function, conservation and contemporary manifestations - was the subject of the Buddhist Art Forum, a major conference held at The Courtauld Institute of Art in 2012 and sponsored by The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation. For the first time a representative group of those with a stake in Buddhist art - including art historians, conservators, curators and officials, a monk from Nepal and a contemporary artist - was gathered to address these issues. The twenty-eight papers in this resulting ground-breaking volume consider Buddhist art from the earliest Indian stupas to contemporary Himilayan thangkas, as well as its ritual use and audience, its tourist consumption in expanding economies, its often ill-conceived conservation, and its influence on modern and contemporary Western art. A stimulating range of viewpoints is expressed in this lavishly illustrated volume, making a genuine contribution to the awareness and understanding of these issues and developments that goes beyond regional and specialist boundaries.

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Art of Merit remains one of the most comprehensive volumes on not only Buddhist art but also the philosophy of Buddhist art.
Buddhistdoor International

This comprehensive and exceptional volume comprising twenty eight papers cannot fail, I feel, to appeal to all of an enquiring mind. [...] What makes this volume stand out is the fact that it enables one to see the role of conservation within the wider context of history, art, faith, artefact care and administration at all levels. Interesting and rewarding.
ICON News - July 2014