H.C.P. Bell: Archaeologist of Ceylon and the Maldives

Bethia N. Bell, Heather M. Bell

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ISBN: 187313245x
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 245 x 170 mm
Pages: 338
Illustrations: 35 halftone, 5 map

H.C.P. Bell, the first Archaeological Commissioner of Ceylon from 1890 to 1912, was also an authority on the remote Maldive Islands. Self-taught and sublimely self-confident, he began the official survey, excavation and conservation of the buried cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa and of the extraordinary rock fortress at Sigiriya. His work in the Ceyolon jungles was often carried out 'single-handed', but he once declared, 'It is good to be a Head Man even in Hell'. In old age he realised his dream of proving that a Bhuddist civilisation preceded the Muslim conversion of the Maldives, and his posthoumous Monograph became 'the standard of reference re the history, archaeology and epigraphy of the Maldives for many years to come'.