Leather and Fur: Aspects of Early Medieval Trade and Technology

Esther Cameron

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ISBN: 1873132514
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 233 x 155 mm
Pages: 101
Illustrations: 19 half-tone

This book offers fresh insights into aspects of early medieval technology and social economy, and explores changes in patterns of trade, the rise of urbanism, cultural attitudes and environmental issues through a discussion of the supply, production and use of leather and fur.

It is a healthy sign, intellectually, when an object-based body like the Archaeological Leather Group explores beyond the obvious limits of its subject, drawing in historians from other disciplines to explain what light can be shed on the uses and trading in leather and fur in the early medieval period. Healthier still is the Group's decision to publish to ensure that this new information reaches a wider audience...This interdisciplinary approach to symposia and their associated published papers are producing valuable contributions to literature and it is to be hoped that further publications of this kind will be forthcoming.
Medieval Archaeology XLIV (2000) 359-360