Conservation of Geological Collections

R.E. Child (ed.)

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ISBN: 1873132603
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 210 x 147 mm
Pages: 73
Illustrations: 8 colour

Until fairly recently geological specimens were considered to be safe in collections. This publication addresses the problems of deterioration which can arise through casual handling and poor storage conditions. It also covers the deleterious effects of certain previous conservation treatments. Guidelines are given for safer handling techniques and storage conditions and recommendations made for good cleaning and packaging practice. Potential serious health risks to researchers in contact with certain geological specimens are also discussed.

This book is of importance as it gives curators' insights into the causes of problems and decay, thus allowing them to take some remedial and preventive action…I warmly recommend it to all museums curators.
Conservation News 57 (July 1995) 11

…[this book] is a welcome addition to the still meagre list of publications on geological conservation and is a must for all curators of geological materials, especially those at whom it is aimed in museums and university departments without access to specialist conservators.
Geoscientist 5(1) (1995) 37

…it provided a simple, clear and intelligible appraisal of the important points that need to be thought about when dealing with geological material...[provides] a valuable insight into understanding the processes that can damage geological material and [enables] the Curator to recognise these various conditions and take appropriate action. This book will be a useful addition to Curator’s bookshelves…
The Geological Curator 6(2) (1994)