Archaeological Displays and the Public

Paulette M. McManus

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ISBN: 1873132670
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 168
Illustrations: 22 half-tone

This revised second edition contains new material which reflects the current concerns of all those who work to bring the 'there and then' into the 'here and now', for those who visit exhibitions and sites out of a desire for relaxation, new experiences, curiosity, information and affirmation of their place in the long chain of human history. The book retains chapters of perennial concern from the first edition and its three-part structure of 'The Institutional Setting', 'Archaeology Indoors: Museum Exhibitions', and 'Archaeology Outdoors: Site Interpretation and Education'. There is an emphasis on reports of specific case studies that illustrate broad principles in a manner which provides sufficient detail for those who might wish to adapt initiatives to their own circumstances. This book will be an invaluble source for professional interpreters, site managers, museum professionals and students on museum studies and heritage courses.


List of contributors


Peter Ucko


Paulette M. McManus

The Institutional Setting

Cultural Tourism

Greg Richards

The development of Empuries, Spain, as a Visitor-Friendly Archaeological Site

Jordi Pardo

Archaeology and Interpretation at Old Sturbridge Village

David M. Simmons

Changes and Challenges: The Australian Museum and Indigenous Communities
Jim Specht and Carolyn MacLulich

Archaeology Indoors: Museum Exhibitions

University Museums and the Public: The Case of the Petrie Museum

Sally MacDonald

Roman Boxes for London's Schools: An Outreach Service by the Museum of London

Jenny Hall and Hedley Swain

Written Communciations for Museums and Heritage Sites

Paulette M. McManus

Archaeology Outdoors: Site Interpretation and Education

Heritage Marketing in the Not-for-Profit Sector: The Case for Branding

Carol Scott

Peopling the Past: Current Practices in Archaeological Site Interpretation

Elaine Sansom

Conservation "As Found": The Repair and Display of Wigmore Castle, Herefordshire
Glyn Coppack

Audio-tours at Heritage Sites

Brian Bath

A Visitors' Guide to the Contents and Use of Guidebooks

Paulette M. McManus

Published 1996