Antiquities Trade or Betrayed: Legal, Ethical & Conservation Issues

Kathryn W. Tubb (ed.)

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ISBN: 1873132700
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 230 x 155 mm
Pages: 263
Illustrations: 36 colour

This volume aims to present the arguments concerning the trade in antiquities from all sides, airing the conflicts which exist between archaeologists, conservators, dealers and collectors. It also provides information on many of the legal aspects involved.

The major achievement of this book for the conservation world is that it calls attention to the responsibilities of the conservator and the consequences he or she may face when treating artefacts and antiquities of unknown or suspicious provenance.
Studies in Conservation 42(3) (1997) 190-191

It provides the most comprehensive reference for conservators who work with antiquities and is essential reading for all involved in any aspect of heritage issues, whether in a private, trade, educational, governmental, legal or museum capacity.
Conservation News 60 (July 1996) 34

The book’s great strength is that it reflects a multiplicity of views. I recommend it strongly for anyone concerned with the dubious ethics of the antiquities market, and that should include all dealers and collectors.
The Art Newspaper 63 (October 1996) 34

It is an excellently edited and detailed record of the dilemmas connected with the antiquities trade and recognition of the need for debate.
Antiquity 70(269) (September 1996) 709-711