Conserving Context: Relating Object Treatment to Collections and Settings

Gerry Alabone (ed.)

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ISBN: 9781909492196
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 100
Illustrations: 84 colour

The conference papers contained in this volume explore the manner in which the significance of objects relates to their collection and setting as interdependent elements of the whole context. Complex interacting or conflicting contexts - such as past, dispersed or destroyed collections and settings - affect the intentions of current decisions for treatment. Also the methods chosen for treatment of decorative surfaces of objects can conserve or change the whole context of collection and setting. Consideration is given to the dilemmas encountered in attempting to maintain a consistency of approach between the intentions guiding the treatment of a setting and objects within it, and whether it is appropriate for objects to be considered and treated in a different way from their wider context. The approaches taken with these issues are complex, nuanced and distinctly formulated.

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"... lavishly illustrated and well written record of seven highly innovative and carefully thought out projects. ...these papers offer excellent study notes for conservation students and their tutors, I would recommend this publication as a valuable addition to college reading lists."
ICON News - January 2015

"This generously illustrated collection of papers creates an invaluable reference work ...when considering the potential treatment of any object"
The Furniture History Society Newsletter - May 2015