Public Face of Conservation, The

Emily Williams (ed.)

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ISBN: 9781904982166
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 304

Despite conservation’s long history of outreach and the energy that is currently going into presenting the field to museum audiences and others, outreach remains underrepresented in the conservation literature. Conservators may increasingly be more comfortable talking to the public about what they do but, until recently, have been reluctant to talk amongst themselves about how to approach these interactions. This volume of papers presented at a conference (Playing to the Galleries and Engaging New Audiences: The Public Face of Conservation) in Williamsburg,Virginia, confronts the issues which arise when conservators find themselves asked to present their efforts not only through traditional means (exhibits, lectures, behind-the-scenes tours etc.) but also via blogs, podcasts, video learning and other emerging technologies.

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The most comprehensive collection of papers on this subject to appear to date. [...] The range of case studies presented here is wide and well chosen [...] An interesting and useful addition to the literature about public outreach in conservation.
ICON News - Issue 52, May 2014